Our approach

Bucharest United 360 Development System

Having the full development of our players in mind, we have focused on developing a 360 player management strategy and implementation so they can reach their full potential in everything that makes a football player extraordinary.

Professional Development

Guided by the innovative Bucharest United FC 360 Development System, our focus is not limited to the player development, but also on connecting with CEOs, administrators, marketers, sports medicine and sports science practitioners – all components of football development. Our system is designed to educate and empower all participants to become champions on and off the field.

The 360 Development System has been developed by the core piece of Bucharest United FC, an elite team of experts, developed and aligned with international partners and sports professionals. Our determination is to find support by a fully integrated business development program to sustain all off-field activities. In addition, we plan to significantly involve the local community through global knowledge transfer through scholarships, work experience exchanges and conferences.

Bucharest United FC maximize the existing strategic international football relationships and incorporate the ‘best practice’ models, philosophies and programs that are available internationally.

Player Development

360 Talent Development

The program covers all aspects of a player life-cycle: from scouting to elite performance and then retirement. We are pulling all of the best practices, we personalize them into a specific player-orientated system and we oversee his growth towards holistic football excellence.

Predicative Testing

It involves the data collection and analysis of the bio-physical, physiological and structural indices which reflect player performance.

Education & Welfare

We ensure a complementary education programs and the development of social and life skills. A well designed education, alongside a positive environment, contributes to the overall performance of the player for the better.

Continuous Development

Our desire is to ensure that a player reaches his or her full potential, both on and off the pitch through a continuous development process that combines sports, personal growth, brand management and professional guidance.

Health Lab

Through our holistic management approach, our team’s goal is to enhance the players’ physical performance by focusing on their wellness for a better version of themselves, rather than just providing medical support in case of injuries.


A player with a healthy lifestyle will always have a better performance on the field, which definitely increases his value as well.


By understanding the body’s bio-chemical and its ramifications, we focus on observing the biochemical changes which over during exercise and we try to positively influence it in order to contribute to the player’s wellbeing.


We are constantly study and monitor the psychological state of the athlete.

Structural Function

Our chiropractic team emphasizes on the intrinsic ability of the body to recover without drugs or surgical intervention.