Our club’s philosophy is focused on removing the financial pressures that in many cases prevent young football players from realising their ‘football dreams’ and full potential.

Therefore, our club charge NO FEES whatsoever for any of our football players.

Our players have access to training and development facilities which include:

  • Specialized personnel
  • Full training and game gear
  • English courses

The sports center where the trainings and classes are held was built in 2016 and its ultramodern features are designed to satisfy all the needs for a full football player training:

  • Grass pitch for practice
  • Well-designed fitness centers
  • Spinning gym
  • Cardio gym
  • Olympic swimming pool
  • Jacuzzi and Sauna
  • Modern body recovery machines in case of injuries


More than that, the players that join our club have a wide variety of benefits:

  • Players have the chance to work on their talent, game, skills with guidance from proficient coaches.
  • Players are offered personalized services, workshops, trainings and more, based on their current skill level, necessities and personal talents.
  • Players have access to educational programs and systems that aim to build their character, as much as their skills and talents.
  • Players are offered guidance and direction into their careers for more than just football. They get a better understanding about personal branding, PR, team picking and so many more.
  • Players have the chance to network with a great deal of names in the football industry, making it easier to establish new connections and opportunities.