Key Advisors give our organization the edge it needs to compete at a higher level, and Bucharest United FC is continuously sourcing advisors to ensure the long term professional excellence and success of the Club. Our Advisors of well-respected professionals are committed to help our Club succeed – not for their financial benefit, but for the mentoring, networking and social opportunities the experience provides.

Our Advisors include:

  • Mr. Mohamed J. Al Hathboor – Director KOORA FC MENA
  • Mr. Mohammed Abdulla Al Hathboor – The Al Hathboor Group
  • Mr. Toby Wakefield –  Player Services Director – 90/24 Sports
  • Mr. Mark Atkinson – Director Talent / Performance / Excellence – PhD Scientist | BEx&SS (Hons) | ASCA
  • Mr. William Badel – Sports Director iOn Sports
  • Mr. Ben Parsons – Founder & Director The Ministry Group
  • Mr. Luke Maguire – Director Social Media Mansion
  • Mr. Richard Briggs – Director The Sports Division
  • Mr. Hassan Khan – Co-Founder at TODAQ