Our club’s philosophy is focused on removing the financial pressures that in many cases prevent young football players from realising their ‘football dreams’ and full potential.

Therefore, our club charge NO FEES whatsoever for any of our football players.

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.

Our vision is to give every child the opportunity to pursue their passion for football and walk in the shoes of their favorite players, without having to be concerned with the financial aspects of the trade. Supporting and sponsoring the future legends in football is how we wish to leave our mark in this industry.

This philosophy is comprised of four essential, inter-connected components:

  • FC Bucharest United 360 Development System
  • Best Practice Business Management Model
  • Proof of Concept
  • A development system NOT based on any fees structure

Player Development

360 Talent Development

 All aspects of the player life-cycle from scouting to elite performance to retirement. Pulling all
of the best practice thinking into one system that is player centric and driven towards holistic football excellence.

Predicative Testing

Collection and analysis of data about the bio- physical, mental and structural indices that reflect player performance.

Education & Welfare

Complementary education programs and the development of life and social skills. Well educated, well rounded individuals ultimately perform better.

Continuous Development

A process of continual development focusing on performance combining sports, personal and brand management, on and off the pitch ensuring that a player reaches his or her potential.

Health Lab

Our holistic management approach enhances players’ physical performance by concentrating on their wellness rather than stabilising their injuries.

Player Excellence

The healthier the players the better they are and therefore the more valuable they are.

Bio Chemical

The conception of the body as a physio chemical- biological entity, with focus on the biochemical changes occurring in the body during exercise.


The study and monitoring of the psychological state of the athlete.

Structural Function

The chiropractic approach that emphasizes the intrinsic ability of the body to recover without drugs or surgical intervention.